Fri 28 Feb 2020

Lady Hatchet going LIVE!

Last time Lady Hatchet was at Nick's Taverna, her fans at home demanded she go live on Facebook. She was oblidged to go there... see it here!
Wed 17 Jul 2019

Lady Hatchet playing with Strykers Posse: Sistren In Power for People's Fest, 7/20!

THIS SATURDAY! Be sure not to miss Lady Hatchet on lead guitar as a member of Strykers Posse: Sistren In Power at the 25th annual People's Fest in Wilmington, DE! Not only are they they ONLY all-female, roots reggae crew anywhere, but they are bad... Read More
Fri 24 May 2019

Around the way girl plays 60+ shows this summer!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely spring. Man, I'll tell ya: every year around March, I freak out that I'm not going to have enough work over the summer (this year especially!). So, I start emailing everyone on my contact list, saying yes... Read More
Mon 11 Jun 2018

So many shows my head's gonna explode!!!

Happy spring, everybody!!! Man, instead of playing with chickens, reading, riding bikes, and gardening, I've just been gigging my face off! And it looks like this trend will continue into the summer. I'm not complaining; these are good problems to have.... Read More
Fri 01 Dec 2017

Holiday Hatchet in full effect!

It's that time of year again! Time for Lady Hatchet to haul out the holiday hits for your seasonal enjoyment. Here's a quick list of places you can catch your girl with all her secular goodness (more details can be found on the event page):   12/6:... Read More

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