Thu 04 Jan 2024

Hey y'all, and happy new year!


I JUST spent an hour, writing an update for the website, that somehow did not post and disappeared.

I haven't been able to post pictures to this page for actual YEARS.

And I'm really tired of shenanigans...

Here's to new things in 2024! New website, NEW MUSIC from myself, my all-female supergroup Rude Girl Revue, and The Players Band, of whom I am the NEW BASSIST permanently (so excited to play bass regularly again!), and hopefully NEW GIGS! Are you a talent buyer/booking agent who works with ska and reggae acts, or does your venue book solo or duo acoustic acts? Do you know of a bar or restaurant that hosts live music, or do you know of a summer concert series in your town? Please send me an email at ladyhatchet78 at gmail dot com (inquiries from bots are not welcome).

I'll redo my year in review when I get the new site up but for now, know that I'm making moves to make 2024 a bigger, better than 2023 ever hoped to be. Come along for the ride with me by subscribing to me on Facebook or Instagram!

Here's to embracing growth. Cause if not, you might not be living.