Wed 01 Jun 2016

Oh dear, Kristin here. Has it really been A YEAR since I updated this site?? Man... I'd say I suck, but really I feel like I've been kicking ass with The Scotch Bonnets. We've been gigging practically non-stop... since I finished playing guitar with THE SLACKERS! Okay, I do suck for not posting all about that fairy tale come true; that was a major life accomplishment. If you want to relive the adventure, check out my old Facebook posts; I posted all about it there. But oh my lord, while that was happening, I didn't have any time to do anything besides learn TUNES (I think I topped out around 50!)... Anywho, I'm rambling. Just wanted to say hey to any of y'all who check this site. All my dates for the summer are current: solo farmers market gigs, gigs with the Bonnets, The Players, and Olivia Mancini & The Mates.

But hey, dig this! I FINALLY got my old URL, back from the Internet thieves who stole it from me, like, ten years ago! If you actually saw me back in the early 2000's, maybe still have my first EP, and were wondering where I went, whelp. I'm baaaack (on the web)!!!! But really, I never left you...

And, as Madonna once said about summer, adapt to the heat. Hope to see you at a show or two. :)