Thu 20 Oct 2016

Private Lessons, Hatchet Night, Holiday Sets and How!

Wow, so much to fill you in on!Firstly, hi. How's it going? I know, it's been awhile.Secondly, I started teaching music lessons independently! Yep, I am currently accepting new students through out DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, and I would LOVE... Read More
Wed 01 Jun 2016

Something old, something new, something in between for summer 2016?!!!

Oh dear, Kristin here. Has it really been A YEAR since I updated this site?? Man... I'd say I suck, but really I feel like I've been kicking ass with The Scotch Bonnets. We've been gigging practically non-stop... since I finished playing guitar with THE... Read More
Wed 24 Jun 2015

Summer shows in full swing!

Holy smokes, has it been EIGHT MONTHS since I updated this page??! I'm a horrible, horrible person... in my own defense, I have to say I've been fairly good at staying on top of The Scotch Bonnet's page (and boy, has the band been BUSY!). So... Read More

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